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We "Mark It Fresh" blueberries are born in some of the most beautiful and fertile regions the world has to offer. We are then carefully tended to as we mature into one of nature's tastiest treats. Once it's time for us to venture away from home, we bid a fond farewell to our beloved farmlands with great excitement. For while we may be parting ways with some of our berry siblings, we now have the unique privilege of earning a special place in your family's heart!


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We "Mark It Fresh" blueberries come in a variety of package sizes. Depending upon the store or region we travel to, you may find us in 4.4 oz, 6 oz, 11 oz, 1 pint, 1 lb, 18 oz, 2 lbs, or even 5 lbs options.


Regardless of the size, you always know that you're getting approved "Mark It Fresh" blueberries when you see our distinct bright green and blue label (pictured above).

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